Athlete Registration

Special Olympics Colorado athletes can train and compete in 21 different sports, participate in a variety of competitions at the local, area, state, and international levels. Special Olympics Colorado hosts more than 100 competitions!

Process to Complete the Athlete Application

In an effort to improve the process of becoming or renewing as a Special Olympics Colorado athlete, The “Athlete Application” (also known as Medical Application or 5-Page Med/App) is now available online!

Steps to Complete the ONLINE Athlete Application:

Step 1: Have your doctor fill out the Physical Examination Form or a Sports Physical that clears you for athletic participation.

  • The doctor can fill it out online or you can take the form to your doctor.
  • Click here to view a video tutorial (we recommend viewing this before visiting your healthcare provider’s office).

Step 2: Upload the completed Physical Examination or Sports Physical Form here and continue to the Special Olympics Colorado online application.

  • If your doctor filled it out online, please use the “Save and Continue” link you received via email to continue your application.
  • Click here to view a video tutorial (we recommend viewing this before uploading a document).

If experiencing difficulty viewing or completing the Online Athlete Application, please check your browser to make sure you are viewing the form on Chrome. Safari is not supported or recommended. To install Chrome on your computer, please click here. For additional support, please contact the Athlete Application Help Desk.

Athlete Application Help Desk

Please use our Athlete Application Help Desk if you need any help with our athlete application.

We will be able to help you with: