Southwest Border Battle

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Virtual Southwest Border Battle! Stay tuned for updates on our next Virtual Wellness Challenge!


Special Olympics Colorado is excited to announce our Border Battle Wellness Challenge!

Click on the video to the left for an overview of the border battle featuring the CEOs from Special Olympics Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.

Join us as Special Olympics Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico put their wellness to the test to win the Southwest Border Battle!


The Challenge

The “Battle” runs from Monday, May 4th through Sunday, June 14th across all four states. Missed the launch? You can still participate! Athletes, coaches, volunteers, families, community members, and staff members are invited to take part in this 6-week wellness challenge and show that Colorado can conquer the Southwest Border Battle!



The 7 Pillars of Wellness

The border battle challenge addresses all aspects of wellness, including physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, financial and spiritual wellness. Each day of each week, every aspect of wellness will have a challenge.

How to start the challenge!

Step One:

Download and print the Wellness Wheel to determine what areas of wellness need more emphasis to make your wellness wheel nice and round! If you do not have access to a printer, you can also create your own version!

Step Two:

Join our Southwest Border Battle Facebook Group.This is where the daily challenges you need to complete each day will be posted.

Step Three:

Keep track of your progress each day using the Wellness Tracker! This is how you will track the challenges you have completed, and will need to be turned by Sunday at 5pm each week to You can also post it in the Facebook group!


Prizes will be available to those who complete 35+ daily challenges (out of 42 total days) through the Facebook group and record their results in the tracker.

The “winning” state will be determined by the number of participants who have submitted their wellness trackers for each state (please submit your Wellness Tracker Sunday at 5pm each week to

How to get a prize:

  • Complete daily challenges through Facebook
  • Track your progress using the Editable Wellness Tracker or the Printable Wellness Tracker
  • Submit your tracker each Sunday at 5pm to
    Please contact Fitness & Wellness Manager Jena Twete with any questions.


    Who can participate in the border battle?
    Anyone and everyone!
    How do I view/participate in the challenges?
    Each challenge will be posted in the SOCO Southwest Border Battle Facebook Group in the morning so you have the day to complete it. To participate, join the Facebook Group and join in on the fun!
    What's a wellness wheel?
    The Wellness Wheel helps you get a better understanding with where you are with all the areas of wellness in your life.

      Start off by drawing a dot on a number of each section of where you stand with that area of wellness. One means you need to focus more on that area of wellness, and 10 means you’re already very focused on that. Once you’ve decided where you stand with each area of wellness, draw a circle connecting each dot.
    What are the seven pillars and what do they mean?
    The 7 Pillars of Wellness

  • Physical Wellness – ability to maintain a healthy quality life that allows us to get through daily tasks without undue daily fatigue and physical stress

  • Emotional Wellness – ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring

  • Social Wellness – the ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with family, friends, and coworkers

  • Intellectual Wellness – the ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction and community betterment

  • Environmental Wellness – the ability to understand, responsibility for the quality of air, water and land around us

  • Financial Wellness – the ability to live within your needs and learn to manage your finances for the short and long term

  • Spiritual Wellness – the ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives
  • How do I complete the wellness tracker? When do I need to complete it by?

      Once you complete a challenge, find the icon for the challenge you completed and the week of the challenge and check the box!
      Post on Facebook or send us your tracker at the end of each week to help Colorado be number one on the leaderboard!
    How does my state win the border battle?
    The state that has the most amount of trackers turned in takes home bragging rights as Border Battle champions!
    What about the Fit 5 Challenge?
  • While the Fit 5 Challenge has ended, we encourage you to keep up with the healthy habits you created through Fit 5 (exercise 5 days/week, eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies, and drink 5 glasses of water). Fit 5 is not just a challenge, it is a program by Special Olympics International to help athletes maintain a healthy lifestyle!

  • This new Southwest Border Battle challenge focuses on the athlete as a whole through the seven aspects of wellness to keep you at the top of your game both physically and mentally!
  • What if I'm late to joining the Border Battle challenge? Can I still participate?
    YES! Join our Facebook Group, download the tracker and the wellness wheel, and get started!
    Watch Fitness and Wellness Manager, Jena Twete below, as she goes through the specifics of the Southwest Border Battle Challenge.