Fit Feet

Fit Feet

Special Olympics Fit Feet is a free podiatric screening for participating Special Olympics athletes. The athletes will have their ankles, feet, lower extremity biomechanics, and proper shoe and sock gear evaluated. Click here to learn more.







FUNfitness is a physical therapy screening program that is designed to assess and improve physical strength, flexibility, and balance. The screenings also educate athletes and parents on the importance of staying physically fit and flexible and provide a hands-on opportunity for participating Special Olympics athletes to learn more about physical therapy. Click here to learn more.




Health Promotion

Health Promotion is a free screening that offers health information and advice in the areas of nutrition, sun safety, bone density, tobacco cessation, and physical fitness. Health Promotion is designed to convey and reinforce key concepts on healthy living, healthy lifestyle choices, and nation-specific health issues. Click here to learn more.




Healthy Hearing

The Healthy Hearing program is a free hearing screening designed to ensure proper audiological care for Special Olympics athletes. Led by volunteer professionals, Healthy Hearing provides tests for ear wax and inner ear health. Click here to learn more.




Opening Eyes

The Special Olympics Opening Eyes® program is a vision and eye health screening in partnership with the Lions Club International Foundation. Led by volunteer vision care professionals, Opening Eyes is able to offer prescription eyewear, sunglasses, and sports goggles to Special Olympics Colorado athletes. Click here to learn more.



Special Smiles

The Special Smiles program offers free dental screening, oral health information, and instructions on proper brushing and flossing techniques to Special Olympics athletes. The athletes will also receive preventative supplies, such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. Athletes who require follow up dental services are referred to local oral health professionals. Click here to learn more.





MedFest screenings have found that a large percentage of Special Olympics athletes have significant health concerns that are preventable and/or treatable. MedFest offers free sports physicals and other health screening services to our athletes. Click here to learn more.


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