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Special Olympics Colorado is committed to ongoing fitness and wellness events and education for our athletes, families, coaches, and unified partners.

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Fitness Captain Program

Goals of the Fitness Captain Program

The vision is to build a sustainable foundation of athlete leaders and coaches who are educated and mentored so they are able to lead their peers in changing or reinforcing health behaviors and attitudes.

Roles of Fitness Captains

Fitness Captains have the following responsibilities:

    • Leading warm-up exercises before each practice
    • Talking with their team about the healthy tips of the month that focus on a variety of areas including but not limited to: nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle behaviors
    • Leading a group activity outside of practice (yoga, hiking, cycling, walking, cooking)
    • Mentors and coaches are critical to the success of this leadership program.


Nominate a Special Olympics Colorado athlete to become a fitness captain

Fitness Captains are athletes within their respective teams that are chosen by their coaches because they show the ability to lead if given the tools and resources.

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Fitness Captains must:

      • Have a positive influence with their teammates
      • Be reliable, dependable, and respectful at all times
      • Show great sportsmanship in all circumstances and have a great attitude
      • Be great team members and genuinely care about those around them
      • Effectively be able to communicate both verbally and through email, phone, text
      • Have a passion for fitness, exercise, and healthy behaviors and can model this for their teammates