Flag Football Fall Season

Flag Football Combine

Fall Season Steps

In order to complete the 2020 Hybrid season, please utilize the following steps:

Step 1: Review “Return to Practice Guidelines

Step 2: Determine which sport you would like to participate in/coach (see Fall Sports section below)

Step 3: Submit one(1) COVID-19 Participant Risk Form per person and one Sign-In Sheet for the team to your Regional Manager by the end of the 1st week of practice.

Step 4: Train, Practice & Have Fun!
*All participants are required to have an updated Class A (Coaches) or Medical (athletes)

** All athletes who have trained and competed for the season (and submitted all COVID-19 paperwork) will receive an incentive at the end of the season!

Entry Forms

Flag Football athletes may compete and submit their scores utilizing the Flag Football Entry Forms by clicking on the button below.

And remember, you need to submit these entry forms for your team by November 7 to Susan Foege at sf@specialolympicsco.org!

Training Resources

Click the link below to view Flag Football Combines Training resources.

Best Practices

Click the link below to view Flag Football Combines Best Practices.

Other Resources

Visit the links below for additional resources.