Health and Wellness

Special Olympics Colorado offers a variety of Health & Wellness Programming, including:

Healthy Athletes


Upcoming Healthy Athletes Screenings

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Through event-based screenings, Healthy Athletes works to:

  • Make Referrals to Local Health Practitioners when Appropriate
  • Train Health Care Professionals about the Needs and Care of People with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Collect, Analyze and Disseminate Data on the Health Status and Needs of People with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Advocate for Improved Health Policies and Programs for People with Intellectual Disabilities

We Offer Health Examinations in Seven Disciplines:

Get Involved:

  • Become a Clinical Director (a medical volunteer who helps run health screenings)
  • Become a Volunteer (a medical professional, student or someone not in the health field that would like to volunteer at a health screening)


Why is Special Olympics Involved in Health: 

Research studies conducted by Special Olympics found disturbing evidence that individuals with intellectual disabilities face widespread health problems, while physicians, dentists and other health professionals are not receiving adequate training in order to treat them.

In a large study of Special Olympics athletes:

  • 30% failed hearing tests
  • 35% had untreated vision impairments
  • 29% of males and 13% of females had below normal bone mineral density
  • 50% had one or more foot diseases or conditions

To learn more about upcoming Healthy Athletes Screenings contact the Health and Wellness Coordinator, Leah Combs.

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Opening Eyes--Mohamed Gaballa gets new glasses