ALPs U Spring 2019 Registration Form

ALPs University
SOCO hosts its ALPs U twice a year, which provides education for athletes in a variety of leadership topics. Using a university model where athletes receive credit for attending classes & completing practicums, participants can enroll in one of the following classes:

  • 101: Intro to Athlete Leadership *Pre-requisite for all other classes*
  • Governance 201G: Boards & Athlete Input Councils
  • Governance 202G: Government Relations *Must have completed 201G to enroll*
  • Health 201H: Intro to Health & Fitness
  • Health 202H: Health Messenger *Must have completed 201H to enroll*
  • Communication 201C: Intro to Communication
  • Communication 202C: Global Messenger *Must have completed 201C to enroll*


Click here for information on ALPs U course curriculum

Fall 2019 Location & Date:

  • LocationUniversity of Denver; 2199 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80208
  • Date: Sunday, November 3, 8am-6pm


ATHLETES: If you are interested in enrolling in ALPs U please click the following link to complete your application: ALPs U APPLICATION

Deadline to apply for this upcoming ALPs U is October 17th!

MENTORS: Are you interested in becoming a mentor to an Athlete Leader? Register HERE!

*We are still in need of mentors!! No deadline for this application*

Questions? Reach out to Stephanie Levine, Athlete Leadership and Family Services Coordinator.