Strategic Plan

The Special Olympics Colorado strategic plan explains what we hope to accomplish over the next five years and how we will meet these goals together.

On this page you will find the key priorities and strategies that will help us achieve our vision.


By participating in sports, people with intellectual disabilities live active and healthy lives.

Achieved by focusing on these key priorities:
  1. Enhancing Experience
  2. Expanding Reach
  3. Empowering Athletes and Other Stakeholders to Drive Change
Resulting in:
  • 4,000 new community based athletes ages 8+ served
  • 40 new local programs
  • 200 new Unified Champion Schools
  • 2,500 people trained in Unified Leadership

The following key priorities and strategies will help us achieve our vision.


Enhance Experience
  • Strategy 1: Quality Sports and Programming for All
  • Strategy 2: Volunteer Education, Engagement and Recognition
  • Strategy 3: Improve Athlete Health
  • Strategy 4: Engage Families
  • Strategy 5: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – All members of the SOCO community feel welcomed and included


Expand Reach
  • Strategy 1: Educate Communities
  • Strategy 2: Increase Athletes, Teams and Local Programs
  • Strategy 3: Expand Unified Schools
  • Strategy 4: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Improve reach among community members of various demographics and backgrounds


Empower Athletes and Others to Drive Change
  • Strategy 1: Increase Number of Trained Athlete Leaders
  • Strategy 2: Empowering Athletes and Other Stakeholders to Drive Change

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is at the core of who we are, by prioritizing DEI we will reach new athletes and community members. You may notice that DEI falls within each of our key priorities above, this will ensure a strategic focus for years to come.

Statement of Inclusion:

More than 50 years ago, Special Olympics launched a global movement to break down barriers and end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion remain at the heart of our movement, as Special Olympics Colorado works to continuously embrace unity and create inclusive communities where everyone belongs. We value, celebrate, and respect varying differences, neurodiversities, backgrounds, and perspectives and know that our continued efforts toward greater diversity and inclusion will enrich our organization and world.