Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Vision Statement

More than 50 years ago, Special Olympics launched a global movement to break down barriers and end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) remain at the heart of our movement, as Special Olympics Colorado works to continuously embrace unity and create inclusive communities where everyone belongs. We value, celebrate, and respect varying differences, neurodiversities, backgrounds, and perspectives and know that our continued efforts toward greater diversity and inclusion will enrich our organization and world.


“Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging is at the heart of our organizational strategy. We are proud of the work that has been done by our athletes, and our staff, to expand opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities and relish the chance to elevate our inclusion efforts in the years to come.”

– Megan Scremin, Special Olympics Colorado President & CEO

What is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging?



Diversity is the representation of all our varied identities and differences (race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, tribe, caste, socio-economic status, thinking and communication styles, etc.), collectively and as individuals.



Equity seeks to ensure fair treatment, equality of opportunity, and fairness in access to information and resources for all.



Inclusion builds a culture of belonging by actively inviting the contribution and participation of all people.

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Belonging entails having a voice and the opportunity to participate in and contribute to a community. A community where someone feels safe enough to be their authentic self and build meaningful relationships.

Steering Committee Goals

Diversity Equity and Inclusion is a key priority throughout our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. Click here to learn more about our Strategic Plan.


  • Offer opportunities for internal DEI conversations and trainings
  • Provide greater language access to athletes and community members
  • Add community representatives to the DEI Committee
  • Build community relationships with nonprofits and vendors to learn more from their expertise and identify ways in which we can better partner with or serve their constituents
  • Regularly communicate progress updates to our community


  • Created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee that meets bi-weekly
  • Emphasized issues of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, as evidenced by DEI goals and strategies amongst each of our key priorities in the strategic plan
  • Updated staff holiday calendar to include a floating holiday, to recognize and honor the diversity of our team and wide range of backgrounds and traditions
  • Employed two Special Olympics Colorado athletes
  • Elected a Special Olympics Colorado athlete as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Added a second athlete seat to the Board of Directors and updated board terms to ensure equitability
  • Began translating collateral into Spanish

Meet the Committee

Erin Medina (she/her/hers)

Committee Co-Chair

Chief Strategy Officer

Erin has over 20 years of experience working with individuals of all ages in the human services field.  Throughout her career she has worked with individuals and families experiencing homelessness, children, youth and adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, and extensive time working in the child welfare system. Erin is excited to be on the DEI committee as we work to ensure all individuals have access to and feel included at Special Olympics Colorado.

Maricela Shukie (she/her/hers)

Committee Co-Chair

Urban Schools Manager

Maricela is passionate about inclusion for all.  Throughout her career in Sports-Based Youth Development, she has worked with a myriad of communities, cultures, and backgrounds, all while using sports to teach life skills.  As a daughter of two immigrants and also a parent of a Special Olympics Colorado athlete, she has a personal understanding of the complexities of borders, identity, language, nationality and belonging.  As Co-Chair of DEIB, she is most excited to build inclusive, safe spaces where all people can have meaningful voice at the table.

Megan Scremin (she/her/hers)

President & CEO

Megan is the President & CEO and has been with Special Olympics Colorado (SOCO) for eight years. She is committed to ensuring that SOCO is a welcoming and inclusive place for all members of our community.

Photo of Senior director of regional services Adrian Mora

Adrian Mora (he/him/his)

Senior Director of Regional Services

Adrian is a proud first generation American, born and raised in Miami, FL by a Cuban mother and Venezuelan father. Adrian’s upbringing in a Hispanic household and a predominantly Latinx community molded him into the person he is today. Adrian joined the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee to share his experience as a Latino and to improve practices and resources for the ever growing Latinx communities throughout Colorado.

Chaka Sutton

Chaka Sutton (he/him/his)

Chief Outreach Officer and Senior Vice President of Sports

Special Olympics Colorado (SOCO) has allowed Chaka to gain experience working with diverse backgrounds (geographic, socio-economic, ethnic) and people. He looks forward to expanding our reach within the DEI space in an effort to make SOCO a resource for all.

Sharif Abdelhamid (he/him/his)

Director of Patient Experience & Advocacy, Denver Health

Sharif Abdelhamid has volunteered with Special Olympics Colorado for over 10 years as a tennis coach and instructor in ALPS U. He works at Denver Health as the Director of Language Services and Patient Experience/Advocacy. In both roles, he strives to deliver inclusive services by applying DEI principles.

Zeenath Khan (she/her/hers)

Environmental Engineering Graduate Student, University of Colorado Boulder

Zeenath Khan is a biracial Pakistani-American who grew up in Saudi Arabia. A woman in STEM, Zeenath will begin her MS in Environmental Engineering at CU Boulder in the fall of 2021 with a focus in global development. Her most recent experience in DEI work was as Co-Chair of the IDEA Committee at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. As a member of Special Olympics Colorado’s Young Professionals Board, Zeenath is elated to continue her passion for elevating representation of and equity for underrepresented communities.

Liz Krupa

President, Law Office of Elizabeth Espinosa Krupa, LLC

Liz is a Special Olympics Colorado Board Member and DEI professional serving on task forces, boards and commissions to ensure and promote DEI in Colorado. She is a proud mom and currently Team Captain of the number one fundraising team for the 2021 Plane Pull!

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Special Olympics Colorado does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender expression, religion, race, color, creed, political affiliation, marital status, union preference, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, or other unlawful discrimination.

These activities include, but are not limited to hiring and termination of staff, selection of volunteers, board members, vendors and provision of services. Special Olympics CO is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, athletes, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors and other constituents and persons served.


Special Olympics Colorado’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is charged with advancing productive conversations about diversity at Special Olympics and helping to ensure that ours is a community where difference is celebrated and inclusion is our guiding principle.

The DEI Committee works on behalf of and with the staff, board and community at large to heighten awareness of and attention to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. The committee works alongside the organization to change the status quo through the introduction of policies and practices that promote equity, meaningful roles and jobs for athletes, deliver more diverse teams at all levels of the organization and create truly inclusive cultures and environments.

We recognize we have progress to make, and there will be challenges on that journey, however as an organization we are committed to prioritizing this important work in all that we do. Here is an overview of some of the actions taken thus far in order to fulfil our responsibility to our athletes, staff and the community at large.