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Coaching Unified Sports (NFHS)
Unified Sports is an inclusive sports program that unites Special Olympics athletes (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and partners (individuals without intellectual disabilities) as teammates for training and competition. This course will help you understand and implement Special Olympics Unified Sports in your school. Click here to learn more!
A Coach’s Playbook: Introduction to Autism
and Instructional Strategies for Coaching
As the diagnosis of autism is becoming more prevalent, it is important that our coaches and volunteers are trained to work alongside our athletes who have Autism Spectrum Disorders. An Introduction to Autism plus General Strategies for Coaching Athletes with Autism are covered. Click here to learn more!
Concussion in Sports (NFHS)
Proper concussion management; suspected concussion management. Click here to learn more!
Sports Nutrition (NFHS)
Proper nutrition can optimize athletic performance. This course contains practical tips on how you can model & teach proper nutrition to your athletes. Click here to learn more!
Fit 5 for Coaches
Click here for information for current coaches around implementing the Fit 5 program on your team!
Sportsmanship Course (NFHS)
The NFHS developed a complimentary course to give a better understanding of sportsmanship and how it impacts your specific role in modeling all practices and competition. Click here to learn more!
Positive Sport Parenting (NFHS)
Course provides information and resources to help educate you on the importance of proper behavior by parents in school sports and the role you must play to ensure your child has a positive sport experience. Click here to learn more!
Positive Coaching Alliance ($30)
PCA offers six online courses, all developed by experts and designed to help coaches, parents, athletes and officials ensure that winning happens both on and off the field in youth sports. Whether you simply want to improve your youth sports experience, or whether your school/organization has directed you to these courses, they will benefit you and the youth you serve! Click here to learn more!
Foundations of Coaching (USA Swimming; $15)