Why Esports?

Esports combines the lifestyle that we advocate for, which is inclusion, acceptance, and that sports are for everyone. Esports allow anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to compete whether it’s through an individual competition or a team based competition, while creating opportunities for virtual connection.

The Benefits

Research conducted by the Samueli Foundation found that in 2018, esports:

  • Improve visual acuity & attention (Green & Bevelier)
  • Foster scientific reasoning (Clark; Steinkuehler & Duncan; NRC)
  • Accelerate language learning (Young et.al.)
  • Improve digital and print literacy (Gee; Leander; Steinkuehler)
  • Increase problem solving skills (Adachi & Willoughby)
  • Associated with higher math achievement (Bowers & Berland)
  • Strongly associated with technology fluency (Hayes)
  • Associated with higher GPA for HS students (Fox et.al.)
  • Fosters personal growth (Richard & Ares)
  • Increases satisfaction with school (Astin)
  • Associated with higher degree completion (Ryan)
  • Cultivates persistence – specifically gains in “internal locus of attribution” (Pascarella et.al.)

Upcoming Events

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Stay tuned for tournaments in July including:

Four sport based games (Madden, NHL, Fifa & NBA 2K) available in two separate divisions (Xbox & PS4) and Rocket League & Fortnite, available cross a variety of platforms!

Gaming For Inclusion 2023

We are excited to have you here. For the third year in a row, we are hosting a Rocket League tournament in November to showcase the great gamers across the Special Olympics movement.

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November 11, 2023

Interested in E-Sports?

Special Olympics Colorado is working on sampling E-Sports. If you are interested in participating in E-Sports, please take a few moments to complete this brief survey. The data collected will help us build an E-Sports model.


Rick Brady
Senior Director of Unified Champion Schools

Adrian Mora
Senior Director of Regional Services and Denver Region