Let’s Go Colorado 2022 USA Games Podcast

Recap Friday, June 10, 2022

Saturday morning and all competitions have concluded with the exception of the Triathlon, taking place bright and early this morning!!

The Colorado team added 6 medals and ribbons yesterday!


Aryanna Morgan – Silver Medal in the shot put

Montrose Team – 4th Place

Flag Football

Flag Football Intercollegiate Unified Team – 4th Place

Soccer  Intercollegiate Unified Team

4th Place



  • Andie Zitek – Silver
  • Michelle Zhang – Gold

Doubles – Fourth place


Vince Egan – Silver Medal in Level 5: Individual Stroke

In today’s podcast, we hear from athletes Vince Egan, Anna Mercado, and Mike Smisek as well as Michelle Pewters.

Recap Thursday, June 9, 2022

Welcome back to Let’s Go Colorado! It’s Friday and we’re celebrating Thursday’s competition and awards from the Special Olympics 2022 USA Games!


  • Augie Lara – 4thin the 100M
  • Aryanna Morgan – 7thin the 100M
  • Morrigan Hubbard – 6thin the 400 M


  • Heather Bean – Gold Medal in Women’s 100-yard Backstroke
  • Aidan McNeese – Silver Medal in Men’s 100-yard Backstroke
  • Leigh Shafer – 4thPlace in Women’s 50-yard Butterfly


  • Steven Crawley and Jimmy Kropp – Gold Medal in Men’s Doubles
  • Laura Milliard and Jennifer Regan – Silver Medal in Women’s Doubles

Open Water Swimming, 1000M

  • Catherine Darrow – Gold Medal
  • Jamie Milligan – Silver Medal
  • Joe Day – Bronze Medal
  • Greg Mark – Silver Medal


  • Tania Wright
    • Silver in the squat
    • Gold in the bench
    • Silver in the deadlift
    • Silver in the overall
  • Bill Burnette
    • Bronze in the squat
    • 4th in the bench
    • Silver in the Deadlift
    • Bronze in the overall
  • Isaac Dolson
    • Gold in the squat
    • Gold in the bench
    • Gold in the deadlift
    • Gold in the overall

This episode features Coach Jesse Branham, Isaac Dolson, Michelle Pewters, Augie Lara, Rick Brady, and Meadow Rodine.

Recap Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Happy Wednesday to our Team Colorado friends and family! Welcome back to Let’s Go Colorado! The competition and fun continue in Orlando.  At this time Team Colorado has earned:

  • 2 Gold Medal
    4 Silver Medals
  • 3 Bronze Medals
  • 3 4th Place Ribbons
  • 1 5th Place Ribbon


  • Augie Lara – 5th Place in Men’s Shot put


  • Anna Mercado
    • Silver medal in the squat
    • Bronze medal in the bench
    • Gold medal in the deadlift
    • Silver medal overall


  • Craig Goodemote – 4th Place in the 200M
  • Team placed 2nd in the 4×50 Yard Medley Relay

In this episode we hear from athletes Aidan  McNeese, Craig Goodemote, Leigh Schafer, Heather Bean, Jen Regan, Laura Milliard, Robert Anderson, Andie Zitek, and Michelle Zhang. We also check in with Chloe Johnson and Meadow Rodine from the Youth Leadership Experience. Thanks to SOCO Staff Megan Scremin, Michelle Pewters, Mandi DeWitt, and Julia McConnaughey.


Recap Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Tuesday was an exciting day of competition and Team Colorado earned 7 medals and recognition for all their hard work!

Congratulations to:


  • Heather Bean – Gold Medal in Women’s 100-yard Backstroke
  • Aidan McNeese – Silver Medal in Men’s 50 yard Breast Stroke
  • Leigh Shafer – 4th Place in Women’s 50-yard Butterfly


  • Jimmy Kropp – Silver Medal in Men’s Singles
  • Laura Milliard – Bronze Medal in Women’s Singles
  • Steven Crawley – Bronze Medal in Men’s Singles
  • Jennifer Regan – 4th Place in Women’s Singles

In this episode we hear from medalist Jimmy Kropp and Steven Crawley. We also hear from Tyler Anderson from Unified Intercollegiate Flag Football and Unified Soccer Coach Denise Hulstrom and athlete Ron Schultz.


Recap, Monday, June 6, 2022

In this episode of Let’s Go Colorado we hear from Basketball Coach Bobby and athlete Jimmy Becker, then we get into Bocce with Coach Mollyn Underly and athlete James (Jimmy) Kropp. Next up is Flag Football Coach Liz Belecky and staff fans Michelle Pewters and Seth Krebill. We finish the episode with an amazing recap of the day with CEO & President Megan Scremin, athlete and Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger Hanna Atkinson, Athlete and Co-Chair of the Board Mackenzie Beauvais-Nikl, and staffer Stephanie Lauchmen!


Recap Opening Ceremonies (Sunday, June 5, 2022)

Get pumped and hear from our athletes and community on the first day of USA Games 2022 as they head to the Opening Ceremonies!