2020 Virtual Wellness Challenges

Big City Stair Climb
Sept. 20 – Oct. 31
Strong Minds
Nov. 1 – Dec. 12

Special Olympics Colorado will be hosting two Virtual Wellness Challenges the remainder of the year! Learn more about our current Virtual Wellness Challenge, Big City Stair Climb taking place September 20 – October 31.

The Big City Stair Climb Challenge runs from Sunday, September 20 – Saturday, October 31. The challenge consists of climbing 12 different buildings throughout the world within 6 weeks.

Week 1 (Sept 20 – 26): Chicago, Illinois
Week 2 (Sept 27 – Oct. 3): New York, New York
Week 3 (Oct 4 – 10): Canada – Ontario and Quebec
Week 4 (Oct 11 – 17): Seattle, Washington and Washington DC
Week 5 (Oct 18 – 24): Brazil, Egypt and Thailand
Week 6 (Oct 25 – 31): France and England

Missed the launch?
You can still participate! Athletes, coaches, volunteers, families, community members, and staff members are invited to take part in this 6-week challenge. You can either skip the weeks you missed, or you can change the number of flights of stairs to climb each day to get caught up.

Don’t have stairs near your home?
That is okay! You can still participate. 1 flight of stairs = 38 steps. Just count your steps to get in your flights for the day.

Remember, this is your challenge, feel free to modify the program to match your fitness level.

How to Start the Big City Stair Climb Challenge

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Sign up for the Big City Stair Climb by clicking here.

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Join our Virtual Wellness Challenge Facebook Group to connect with other participants and learn about additional opportunities posted at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm daily.

Additional opportunities include: Trivia, Virtual Tours, LIVE Fitness Classes and Healthy Cooking Tutorials!

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Additional Resources

Big City Stair Climb Completion Prizes

Athletes who complete at least 9 of the 12 buildings will receive a limited edition Special Olympics Colorado PRIZE PACK!

To be eligible for the prizes:

Virtual Wellness Challenge FAQ's

Who can participate in the Virtual Wellness Challenges?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in the Virtual Wellness Challenges!

How do I view/participate in the challenges?

Each day we will post in the SOCO Virtual Wellness Challenge Facebook Group in the morning an additional opportunity for the day. To participate, join the Facebook Group or go to the Google Drive (link?) to receive all information.

What if I’m late to joining the Virtual Wellness Challenge? Can I still participate?

YES! Please email socofitnesscaptain@specialolympicsco.org to sign up! Then you can join our Facebook Group, download the tracker and get started! If you are new to this type of training, please modify to meet your current fitness level.


Please contact Fitness and Wellness Manager, Jena Twete. 

Jena Twete
Fitness and Wellness Manager

Thank you to all of the participants of our previous Virtual Wellness Challenges!