2020 Virtual Wellness Challenges

March Madness Wellness Challenge

Special Olympics Colorado will be hosting seven Virtual Wellness Challenges in 2021 with four having options for our Young Athletes. Learn more about our current Virtual Wellness Challenge, March Madness taking place March 15 – April 5.

Participants will fill out a March Madness Bracket from March 15 – 17. Brackets are due by midnight on March 17 to socofitnesscaptain@specialolympicsco.org. The tournament begins on March 18.

For every game participants choose correctly they will need to do star jumps (or squats), push-ups (regular, knees or against wall), bicycle crunches (or regular crunches).

For every game participants choose in-correctly they will need to do same exercises but add burpees to the end.

Prize: Basketballs and Nike Socks to top 3 finishers – those whose brackets have the least amount of errors.

How to Start the March Madness Challenge

Download the March Madness Bracket by clicking here.

Please note: the link contains a blank bracket, so you will need to fill in the bracket with the correct team information.

Join our Virtual Wellness Challenge Facebook Group with the link above to connect with other participants and post your workouts during the challenge. Posts from Special Olympics Colorado will regularly occur at 10:00 AM.

March Madness Layout

First 4/Round 1 (March 18-20): Do each exercise for 20 seconds then move on to the next. For each game you chose incorrectly, add 5 burpees to the end of the other exercises.

Round 2 (March 21-22): Increase to 25 seconds per exercise, still 5 burpees for each incorrect guess.

Sweet 16 (March 27-28): 30 seconds per exercise, now 8 burpees for each wrong choice.

Elite 8 (March 29-30): 35 seconds per exercise, 10 burpees for each wrong choice.

Final 4 (April 3): 40 seconds per exercise, 12 burpees for each wrong choice.

National Championship (April 5): 45 seconds per exercise or as long as possible for an extra challenge, 15 burpees if you chose incorrectly.

*Burpees can be modified by bending over, stepping back into a plank, bringing your feet back to the front and standing up tall.

Virtual Wellness Challenge FAQ's

Who can participate in the Virtual Wellness Challenges?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in the Virtual Wellness Challenges!

How do I view/participate in the challenges?

Each day we will be posted on the SOCO Virtual Wellness Challenge Facebook Group material to help you throughout the challenge. To participate, click here join the Facebook Group to receive all information. Do not have Facebook? Email socofitnesscaptain@specialolympicsco.org to get the material you are looking for.

What if I’m late to joining the Virtual Wellness Challenge? Can I still participate?

YES! You can still participate. Just fill out your bracket from where we are at in the tournament an continue on from there!

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For general challenge questions, please contact Fitness and Wellness Manager, Jena Twete. 

Jena Twete
Fitness and Wellness Manager

For Young Athletes Challenge questions, please contact Senior Health and Wellness Manager, Leah Combs.

Leah Combs
Senior Health and Wellness Manager

Thank you to all of the participants of our previous Virtual Wellness Challenges!