SONA Move Challenge

Special Olympics Colorado will be hosting seven Virtual Wellness Challenges in 2021 with four having options for our Young Athletes. Learn more about our current Virtual Wellness Challenge, SONA (Special Olympics North America) Move Challenge taking place April 12 – June 6.

Special Olympics Colorado (SOCO) presents the SONA Move Challenge, an 8-week movement challenge to see how many minutes of exercise YOU can complete each week.

Click Here to Learn about the Young Athletes SONA Move Challenge

Our next amazing wellness challenge for Young Athletes and their families is the SONA Move Challenge! After registering, Young Athlete participants will be mailed a fitness kit, with a new activity book and special tracker to keep track of how many minutes they exercise. The type of activities participants can choose to accumulate their weekly minutes is up to the participants and can include everything from walking, yoga, to playing hopscotch.

While the event is designed for each family to go at their own pace, Special Olympics CO will be offering weekly live zoom sessions to help participants to stay active. Live events will include: Martial Arts, Pilates, Yoga, Jump Roping, Scavenger Hunt, Building a Healthy Snack and Streamer Dancing.

The SONA Move Challenge has three components:

– For individuals to earn the challenge prizes, individuals must complete 150 minutes of movement for 7 of the 8 weeks.

– Special Olympics CO teams are encouraged to have all athletes on their teams participate in the challenge.
– At registration, athletes will indicate what SOCO team they are on (for example: Blue Dragons, Cherry Creek Swimming, etc.).
– Weekly Team leaderboards will be posted on the challenge Facebook Page.
The Special Olympics CO team that comes out on top will be able to choose at which time they compete at the 2021 Front Range Summer Games and the Western Summer Games. 

– Each week, movement minutes will be added up to see which Region has the most amount of participation. Weekly Region leaderboards will be posted on the Virtual Wellness Challenge Facebook Page

Participation Information

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: All Special Olympics Colorado Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Caregivers, Volunteers, Unified Partners, and Community Members.

WHEN: Participant registration is open now through April 16. The SONA Move Challenge runs April 12 – June 6.

HOW: After registering, participants will keep track of how many minutes they exercise (Monday-Sunday). By every Monday at 8:00 PM, participants will self-report their total minutes for the week via this link: Participants will have between Sunday at 8:00 AM and Monday at 8:00 PM every week to submit their weekly minutes via this linkPlease use the tracker to keep track of your weekly minutes! 

– Leaderboards will be posted every Tuesday afternoon in the Wellness Challenge Facebook Group

Challenge Prizes

Exclusive Special Olympics CO shoelaces upon registration
– All participants who register will receive a registration packet with details for the challenge and SOCO shoelaces

Nike socks, a Special Olympics CO sweatband, and a collapsible water bottle
– All participants who regularly submit their weekly minutes will be awarded these prizes halfway through the challenge!

Move Challenge T-Shirt & Finish Line Shoes*
– All participants who submit 150 minutes for 7 of the 8 weeks will receive these very special prizes!


Move Intentionally

How you get your movement minutes is up to you, but only count minutes where you are intentionally moving for exercise! A walk around the block after dinner counts, but walking around at your job doesn’t. You should be working up a sweat, breathing hard, getting thirsty, and possibly feel like you need to shower and change your clothes after your movement.

Be Honest

Please provide an honest and accurate account when recording your results.

Be Safe

As you are being active, make sure you follow local COVID-19 protocols and Special Olympics protocols when exercising both inside and outside if around other people. This includes wearing masks and making sure you are exercising where you can be safe from traffic.

Be Social

As you complete activities, please post pictures on our challenge social media page. Use the hashtag #SONAMove in your posts!

Be Encouraging

As people post their activities, pictures, and progress, encourage your fellow challenge members. Comment and like others posts!

Be Brave in the Attempt

Challenge yourself!

How to Start the SONA Move Challenge

  1. Register by clicking here
  2. Download the Challenge Tracker by clicking here
    The tracker is intended to be a tool to help you track your minutes! It does not to be submitted for the challenge. 
  3. Join our Virtual Wellness Challenge Facebook Group by clicking here to connect with other participants and post your workouts during the challenge. Posts from Special Olympics Colorado will regularly occur at 9:00 or 10:00 AM.
  4. Tell us why you move by filling out your “I move because” pledge sheet by clicking here
    – Print out your pledge sheet, and take a selfie with why you’re moving with us! Share it on our challenge Facebook group or email it to
  5. Get moving!

SONA Move Challenge Weekly Schedule

Don’t have Facebook? You can still watch our Live options Wednesday – Friday by clicking here! 

Virtual Wellness Challenge FAQ's

Who can participate in the Virtual Wellness Challenges?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in the Virtual Wellness Challenges!

How do I view/participate in the challenges?

Each day we will be posting on the SOCO Virtual Wellness Challenge Facebook Group materials to help you throughout the challenge. To participate, click here join the Facebook Group to receive all information. Do not have Facebook? Email to get the material you are looking for.

What if I’m late to join the Virtual Wellness Challenge? Can I still participate?

YES! You can still participate. If you are signing up after April 16, you can still participate. Just email and detailed challenge information will be sent to you. Please use the weekly minutes tracking form to submit your minutes each week! Minutes are due every Monday by 8:00 PM.

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For general challenge questions, please contact Fitness and Wellness Manager, Jena Twete. 

Jena Twete
Fitness and Wellness Manager

For Young Athletes Challenge questions, please contact Senior Health and Wellness Manager, Leah Combs.

Leah Combs
Senior Health and Wellness Manager

Thank you to all of the participants of our previous Virtual Wellness Challenges!