Host A Field Day From Home

Lisa Sacino is a 2nd – 5th grade teacher in Black Forest Hills Elementary School in Cherry Creek School District. Ms. Sacino knows a thing or two about getting young people excited to play and have fun but with students operating remotely, she is having to get creative. In the face of screens and couches, Ms. Sacino put together a plan for hosting a field day in your backyard, nearby park, or even the living room.

Check out some inspirational ideas below to use for hosting your own “Field Day From Home” complete with races, obstacles and other activities!

Family Wheelbarrow Race

Bowling Tournament

Use any cans or bottles to have your own bowling tournament!

Obstacle Course

Use equipment from home to make a fun obstacle course inside or outside!

Beach Towel Volleyball

Homemade Hurdles and Discus Throw

Homemade with whatever you have at home! Keep hurdles an appropriate height for your kids. Frisbees, plastic lids, or tupperware lids all will work very well for the distance throwing project!

Field Day From Home is designed to be completed by athletes 2-10 years old. Thank you to Lisa Sacino for sharing these creative ideas!

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