Our Team


Megan Scremin
President & CEO
(720) 359-3109
Email: mscremin@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Tennis and Rugby
Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY


Chaka Sutton
Senior Vice President, Competitive Programs
and Unified Schools
(720) 359-3102
Email: css@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Golf
Hometown: Greenville, MS

Freda Davenport
Elementary Unified Champion Schools Manager
(720) 359-3114
Email: fmd@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Snowboarding
Hometown: Wheaton, IL

Susan Foege
Director of Competition
(720) 359-3116
Email: sf@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL

Tasha Noble
Southeast Regional Manager
(719) 574-8480
Email: tnoble@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing and Golf
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

Kyle Visser
Competitions Assistant
(720) 359-3126
Email: kv@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse and Swimming
Hometown: Parker, CO

Rick Brady
Unified Champion Schools Manager, Middle & High Schools
(720) 359 3103
Email: rbrady@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Hometown: Waterford, MI

Mandi DeWitt
Director of Young Athletes
(720) 359-3117
Email: mmd@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Aurora, CO

Seth Krebill
Unified Champion Schools Coordinator
(720) 359-3115
Email: skrebill@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

Allo Perry
Unified Schools Specialist
(720) 359-3106
Email: ap@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Ben Wrubel
Director of Unified Champion Schools
(720) 359-3118
Email: bwrubel@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Golf
Hometown: Troy, MI

Cory Chandler
Programs Manager
(720) 359-3110
Email: cchandler@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Football, Hockey, Baseball
Hometown: Littleton, CO

Ashtyn Anderson
Young Athletes Coordinator
(720) 359-3137
Email: aanderson@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Football
Hometown: Worland, WY

Adrian Mora
Denver Regional Manager
(720) 359-3104
Email: amora@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Hometown: Miami, FL

Michelle Pewters
Western Regional Manager
(720) 359-3124
Email: mpewters@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO


Erin Medina 
Vice President of Non-Competitive Programs
720) 359-3133
Email: emedina@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Littleton, CO

Jenny Montoya 
Volunteer Manager
(720) 359-3122
Email: jmontoya@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Softball
Hometown: Homewood, IL

Leah Combs
Senior Health & Wellness Manager
(720) 359-3128
Email: lcombs@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Hometown: Smithfield, VA

Jena Twete
Fitness and Wellness Manager
(720) 359-3134
Email: jtwete@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Hometown: Cedarburg, WI

Stephanie Levine
(720) 359-3113
Athlete Leadership and Family Services Coordinator
Email: slevine@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Snowboarding
Hometown: Wheaton, IL


Victoria MacFarlane
Director of Corporate and Community Partnerships
(720) 359-3108
Email: victoria@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing and Triathlon
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Maggie St.Clair
Development Manager
(720) 359-3131
Email: mstclair@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Hometown: Mount Vernon, IA

Jan Gordon
Vice President of Law Enforcement Torch Run
(720) 359-3112
Email: jg@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Julia McConnaughey
Director of Foundation Relations
(720) 359-3121
Email: jmc@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing
Hometown: Allegany, NY

Jeff Steron
Development Assistant
(720) 359-3125
Email: jsteron@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Golf and Bowling
Hometown: Rochester, NY

Stacy Cruz
LETR and Development Assistant
(720) 359-3119
Email: scruz@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO

Jan Radnoti
Director, Law Enforcement Torch Run
(720) 890-2962
Email: jraadnoti@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Golf, Racquetball, and Football
Hometown: Ackley, Iowa

Alexandra Vander Pol
Director of Events
(720) 359-3101
Email: avanderpol@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Chanhassen, MN


Ben Theune
Director of Marketing
(720) 359-3130
Email: btheune@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Football and Lacrosse
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Sadye Hazan 
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
(720) 359-3127
Email: shazan@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Soccer and Softball
Hometown: Denver, CO

Brittany Javor
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager
(720) 359-3107
Email: bjavor@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Dance
Hometown: Littleton, CO


Becky Kennedy
Chief Financial Officer
(720) 359-3100
Email: bkennedy@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Sheridan Lake, CO

Michelle Oliver
Data & Information Support Specialist
(720) 359-3136
Email: moliver@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Basketball and Cheerleading
Hometown: Denver, CO

Jenn Dormann
Office Manager
(720) 359-3111
Email: jdormann@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Taina Sakagawa
Database Manager
(720) 359-3129
Email: tsakagawa@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Hometown: Denver, CO

Leisl Inouye
Data Entry Specialist
(720) 359-3138
Email: linouye@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Ice Skating and Hockey
Hometown: Denver, CO

Allison Tolson
Financial Assistant
Email: at@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing, Football, Swimming
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN


Lindsey Beacham
Western Region Intern
School: Colorado Mesa University
Area of Study: BS, Fitness and Health Promotion

Peyton Hemmes
Southeast Region Intern
School: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Area of Study: BS, Health and Wellness Promotion

Daniela Martinez
Development Intern
School: University of Colorado, Boulder
Area of Study: BA, Communication

Sam Ross
Marketing Intern
School: Colorado State University
Area of Study: BA in Communications

Emi Carlson
Unified Champion Schools Intern
School: Legend High School

Naomi Morishita
Data Intern
School: University of Denver
Area of Study: MA Research Methods & Statistics

Megan Steele
Fitness, Health and Wellness Intern
School: Adams State University
Area of Study: MA, Sports Psychology

Casey Torbet
Health Intern
School: Colorado School of Public Health, Colorado State University
Area of Study: MA, Public Health

Connor Eichler
Denver Region Intern
School: Metropolitan State University of Denver
Area of Study: BA, Sports Management

Trinity Padilla
Development Intern
School: University of Colorado, Boulder
Area of Study: BA, Media Production, Journalism

Lilie Stoolman
Unified Champion Schools Intern
School: University of Colorado, Boulder
Area of Study: BS, Psychology