Our Team

Our Core Values (J.U.I.C.E.)


We strive to create a culture of fun, excitement and hope, and to promote joy in all that we do.


Together, we work toward shared goals and achieving a common mission by fostering teamwork, trust and understanding.


We value and promote equity, acceptance and respect amongst people of all backgrounds, talents and abilities, and we work to inspire others to do the same.


We encourage an environment committed to sharing ideas and information openly, honestly and respectfully.


We continually seek to inspire and achieve the highest standards of excellence in all that we do.


Megan Scremin
President & CEO
(720) 359-3109
Email: mscremin@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Tennis and Rugby
Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY


Chaka Sutton
Senior Vice President, Competitive Programs
and Unified Schools
(720) 359-3102
Email: css@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Golf
Hometown: Greenville, MS

Rick Brady
Unified Champion Schools Manager, Middle & High Schools
(720) 359 3103
Email: rbrady@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Hometown: Waterford, MI

Cory Chandler
Programs Manager
(720) 359-3110
Email: cchandler@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Football, Hockey, Baseball
Hometown: Littleton, CO

Freda Davenport
Elementary Unified Champion Schools Manager
(720) 359-3114
Email: fmd@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Snowboarding
Hometown: Wheaton, IL

Mandi DeWitt
Director of Young Athletes
(720) 359-3117
Email: mmd@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Aurora, CO

Ashtyn Anderson
Young Athletes Coordinator
(720) 359-3137
Email: aanderson@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Football
Hometown: Worland, WY

Susan Foege
Director of Competition
(720) 359-3116
Email: sf@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL

Lauren McClintock
Northeast Regional Manager
(720) 539-4797
Email: lmcclintock@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Football
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Allo Perry
Unified Schools Specialist
(720) 359-3106
Email: ap@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Jeff “Chop” Franklyn
Sr. Director of Competitive Programs
(586) 615-1070
Email: jfranklyn@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Football
Hometown: Detroit, MI

Adrian Mora
Denver Regional Manager
(720) 359-3104
Email: amora@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Hometown: Miami, FL

Michelle Pewters
Western Regional Manager
(720) 359-3124
Email: mpewters@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

Ben Wrubel
Director of Unified Champion Schools
(720) 359-3118
Email: bwrubel@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Golf
Hometown: Troy, MI

Seth Krebill
Unified Champion Schools Coordinator
(720) 359-3115
Email: skrebill@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

Tasha Noble
Southeast Regional Manager
(719) 574-8480
Email: tnoble@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing and Golf
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

Kyle Visser
Competitions Assistant
(720) 359-3126
Email: kv@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse and Swimming
Hometown: Parker, CO


Erin Medina 
Vice President of Non-Competitive Programs
720) 359-3133
Email: emedina@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Littleton, CO

Jenny Montoya 
Volunteer Manager
(720) 359-3122
Email: jmontoya@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Softball
Hometown: Homewood, IL

Leah Combs
Senior Health & Wellness Manager
(720) 359-3128
Email: lcombs@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Hometown: Smithfield, VA

Jena Twete
Fitness and Wellness Manager
(720) 359-3134
Email: jtwete@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Hometown: Homewood, IL

Stephanie Levine
(720) 359-3113
Athlete Leadership and Family Services Coordinator
Email: slevine@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Snowboarding
Hometown: Wheaton, IL


Gina Gardner
Vice President of Development
(720) 359-3120
Email: ggardner@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Hometown: Torrance, CA

Jan Gordon
Vice President, Law Enforcement Torch Run
(720) 359-3112
Email: jg@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Stacy Cruz
LETR and Development Assistant
(720) 359-3119
Email: scruz@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO

Victoria MacFarlane
Director of Corporate and Community Partnerships
(720) 359-3108
Email: victoria@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing and Triathlon
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Julia McConnaughey
Director of Foundation Relations
(720) 359-3121
Email: jmc@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing
Hometown: Allegany, NY

Jan Radnoti
Director, Law Enforcement Torch Run
(720) 890-2962
Email: jraadnoti@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Golf, Racquetball, and Football
Hometown: Ackley, Iowa

Maggie St.Clair
Development Manager
(720) 359-3131
Email: mstclair@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Hometown: Mount Vernon, IA

Jeff Steron
Development Assistant
(720) 359-3125
Email: jsteron@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Golf and Bowling
Hometown: Rochester, NY

Alexandra Vander Pol
Director of Events
(720) 359-3101
Email: avanderpol@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Chanhassen, MN

Bill Tortorici
Director of Individual Giving
(720) 359-3132
Email: btortorici@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Football
Hometown: Chanhassen, MN


Ben Theune
Director of Marketing
(720) 359-3130
Email: btheune@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Football and Lacrosse
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Sadye Hazan 
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
(720) 359-3127
Email: shazan@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Soccer and Softball
Hometown: Denver, CO

Brittany Javor
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager
(720) 359-3107
Email: bjavor@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Dance
Hometown: Littleton, CO


Becky Kennedy
Chief Financial Officer
(720) 359-3100
Email: bkennedy@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Sheridan Lake, CO

Michelle Oliver
Data & Information Support Specialist
(720) 359-3136
Email: moliver@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Basketball and Cheerleading
Hometown: Denver, CO

Jenn Dormann
Office Manager
(720) 359-3111
Email: jdormann@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Taina Sakagawa
Database Manager
(720) 359-3129
Email: tsakagawa@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Hometown: Denver, CO

Leisl Inouye
Data Entry Specialist
(720) 359-3138
Email: linouye@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Ice Skating and Hockey
Hometown: Denver, CO

Allison Tolson
Financial Assistant
Email: at@specialolympicsco.org
Favorite Sport: Skiing, Football, Swimming
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN