In Our Blog: 10 Ways to Tame the Tube

In Our Blog: 10 Ways to Tame the Tube

As our Director of Young Athletes, Mandi DeWitt, said in the third Young Athletes Gross Motor Skills session, it’s important to try do other things besides sitting in front of a screen all day. Due to virtual learning, kids are staring at screens more than ever before. Not only are they staring at screens for entertainment, but it’s now how a majority of America’s children are being educated.

It’s time to “Tame the Tube!” There are so many activities kids can do that don’t involve watching TV.

Here are a few ways you can tame the tube:

  1. Read a book
  2. Dance to your favorite song
  3. Take a walk around the neighborhood
  4. Write a poem or short story
  5. Practice skills of your favorite sport
  6. Play outside with your sibling, pet or neighbor
  7. Learn to bike, skateboard or ride a scooter
  8. Play your favorite game
  9. Have a picnic in the park
  10. Rake the leaves in your yard

There are so many more ways to tame the tube, you can even make an activity out of it. Click here to download a “Tame the Tube” Bingo sheet and see how many activities you can cross off!