August 2021 Change Makers

Robert Pollock

Athlete of the Month

Robert has been competing for Special Olympics Colorado for 3 years. His favorite sport is bowling and that’s what initially got him involved. Aside from bowling, Robert enjoys every sport he plays, including bocce, softball, athletics, flag football and riding his bike around town. He can even make half cour shots in basketball!

Robert is a huge sports fan and loves competing for Special Olympics Colorado because it keeps him active. His coach, Mary Yang, also said that Robert is very talented and a super athlete. She described Robert as a good team player and enjoys the camaraderie that comes with being on a team. “Robert is a kind person,” says Mary.  “He is thoughtful and values his friendships.”

When Robert isn’t competing, he loves watching professional football and baseball.  His favorite team is Seattle Seahawks. Mary explained that two years ago, his friends dressed in green and blue at the prom in support of the Seattle Seahawks.  Robert loved it!

Congratulations, Robert, on being recognized as the August Athlete of the Month!



Trent Joyce

Volunteer of the Month

Trent Joyce began volunteering for Special Olympics in October 2020 when he learned about this organization through the National Honor Society at his high school. Trent says he was excited to get involved since he loved volunteering at Adam’s Camp, a camp for families with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Trent became very involved with SOCO@Home and other virtual programs. During online events, he loved seeing how important it was for everybody to see each other, and Zoom became a great resource during Covid. While Trent said it is difficult to pick a favorite memory, he really enjoyed the feeling of people recognizing him after joining a few times.

Trent encourages everyone to get involved with Special Olympics Colorado and says this is something they should definitely be a part of! “It’s a wonderful space and an amazing opportunity that will change your perspective if you haven’t worked with this population before,” explained Trent.

In his free time, Trent works as a DJ/Emcee/Breakdancer year-round at events like weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. He just recently graduated high school and is about to start his first year of college at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Thank you for your dedication, Trent, and congratulations on being recognized as the August Volunteer of the Month!

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