Different Not Deficit

Different Not Deficit

Written by Charley Falkenburg

Different Not Deficit

Written by: Charley Falkenburg

Different not deficit,
Warm hearts and unique minds,
A zest for life and acceptance,
With no opportunities left behind.

Boom! They’re off like superheroes,
With a finish line in sight,
But it’s friendship and bright smiles,
It’s laughter, fun, and light,

That are the true desired prizes,
With one another they all share,
These athletes come to play,
But what matters most is that they care.

Different is not deficit,
Tenacious minds infused with love,
Simply a path less seen and felt,
One which they rise above.

Over and over and over again,
Proving wrongs and changing feels,
Never what should be required,
Yet their reality is real.

And still they push and work and smile,
Lending a hand to all the rest,
Paving their own path of equality,
Just racing toward their best.

Different not deficit,
Just a new direction to lean,
The disabled are right there with us,
Deserving recognition and to be seen.

About the Author

Charley is originally from New Jersey and is now living in Colorado. She is currently earning not one, but two Master’s Degrees in criminology and counseling at Regis University. When she’s not buried in textbooks or obnoxiously large jigsaw puzzles, you can find her in the mountains hiking, snowshoeing, and in winter time, usually rolling around in the snow in her snow pants and pelting her partner with misshapen snowballs.

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