January 2022 Change Makers

Teagan Keil

Athlete of the Month

Teagan has been involved with Special Olympics Colorado (SOCO) for 2 years. She first got involved when her mother, Jenni, was looking for opportunities for Teagan to be involved in a large group and make connections with a variety of kids. She started with a few activities, and now competes in track, gymnastics and cheerleading. She is also interested in competing in figure skating and snowboarding.

Teagan’s favorite part about Special Olympics Colorado is getting to see all of her friends. Jenni says Teagan especially enjoys seeing Ashtyn, our Young Athletes Coordinator! Teagan’s favorite memory with SOCO was getting a football handoff from the New York Jet’s (former Broncos) quarterback, Joe Flacco, as well as dancing at the Avalanche game with her friends and teammates. “She said #29 is so handsome,” mentioned Jenni, with #29 being Colorado Avalanche player, Nathan MacKinnon.

When Teagan isn’t competing, she likes to make videos, cheer, draw and play with her dogs. Check out her adventures with her friend Mack on Instagram!

Congratulations on being recognized as the January Athlete of the Month, Teagan!


The Bartram Family

Family of the Month

The Bartrams have been part of the Special Olympics Colorado (SOCO) family for more than 20 years. Their daughter, Crysta, is an athlete. Her father, Earl was Crysta’s Unified partner in golf for 2 seasons, as well as her ski coach.

Crysta’s mother, Connie grew up around people with intellectual disabilities. She has a younger brother and sister with Down Syndrome, who both thoroughly enjoyed Special Olympics in Montana.

The Bartrams originally got involved with SOCO through swimming. Crysta had originally learned to swim through private lessens, so her parents had her join the Lakewood RISE swimming program. After 8 years of swimming, Crysta then switched to gymnastics, where she reached the top level in artistic gymnastics. She succeeded in both swimming and gymnastics, earning gold, silver and bronze medals.

In addition to swimming and gymnastics, Crysta also competes in soccer, softball, basketball, golf and flag football. Her mother, Connie, said that she will continue to compete in SOCO sports for as long as she has transportation and remains healthy!

Earl’s favorite SOCO memory is watching Crysta’s first regional swim meet at Smokey Hill High School, while Connie’s favorite memory is watching Crysta excel in artistic gymnastics to level 4. Connie explained that she loved hearing the audience gasping as they watched Crysta perform on the floor, vault and uneven bars. Crysta’s favorite memory with Special Olympics Colorado is just competing in all the sports and the competition at meets and tournaments.

Special Olympics Colorado is important to the Bartram family. Early and Connie have always been very generous, supporting Special Olympics nationally and SOCO financially. They are extremely appreciative of the many volunteers who make the Special Olympics events and competitions possible, starting with coaches, partners, and all the other volunteers!

Congratulations to the Bartram Family on being selected as the January Family of the Month!

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