February 2022 Change Makers

Kohlor Von Eschen

Athlete of the Month

Kohlor has been competing for Special Olympics Colorado for the past 7 years. He first got involved with basketball through the City of Boulder, EXPAND program, which he was introduced to by a classmate. In addition to basketball, Kohlor also competes in flag football, softball, soccer, downhill skiing and is now training for swimming.

Kohlor’s favorite part about competing with Special Olympics Colorado is that he enjoys the fun of the sport and the excitement of the crowds watching. “He loves to ham it up,” exclaimed his mother, Julie.

In 2020, Kohlor had the opportunity to be part of the first Special Olympics Unified Skiing competition at X Games where he won the Bronze medal. “It was an unbelievable experience,” said Julie.

Kohlor was invited back to the 2022 X Games in Aspen and Julie said it was just as exciting of an experience as the first time. “The event was very well organized, wonderful people were involved to make it special,” Julie explained. “Kohlor enjoyed seeing many of the participants from 2020 that have become his friends. Each encourages and high fives one another, it is a positive atmosphere to be among.”

Kohlor skied his best along with his X Games professional partner, Colby Stevens, and he came in fourth place! “The beautiful thing for Kohlor is that he is ok with not winning a medal all the time,” said Julie. “But when he does, his smile is just a little bigger.”

When he’s not on the playing field or racing down the mountain, Kohlor enjoys playing video games, watching Jurassic Park movies, building with Legos, or SnapChatting with his older brothers.

Congratulations, Kohlor, on being recognized as the February Athlete of the Month!


Sharon Chamberlain

Coach of the Month

Sharon has been a Special Olympics Colorado coach for 24 years.

She got involved originally by working with individuals with disabilities. “It was so important to their health both physically and mentally that I wanted to offer as many opportunities as possible so we added sports,” said Sharon.

Now, Sharon has coached track and field, softball, cycling, bowling, and basketball then started soccer, bocce, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Her favorite memories with Special Olympics Colorado are the Opening Ceremonies at the many events she has attended because she said it’s so inspiring to be around so many incredible athletes. “My absolute favorite memory is at the Opening Ceremony in 2019 at the State Summer Games in Grand Junction,” explained Sharon. “A number of athletes ran the torch around the baseball field at Stocker Stadium. An 80-year-old athlete sat beside a 6-year-old boy. It was incredible to see this separation in age but the same level of passion.”

Sharon said she loves coaching so that individuals have opportunities to play, socialize, and learn how to be fit and have a place to fit in. “Inclusion is so important to teach the bigger population how capable the athletes are,” exclaimed Sharon.

Thank you, Sharon, for your years of dedication to Special Olympics Colorado. We’re honored to recognize you as the February Coach of the Month!

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